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The AQUA SPECTRA PRO is a multi-step treatment that uses revolutionary technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and treat the skin – improving the skin’s overall appearance.


The treatment targets uneven skin tone, congested pores, excess oil, dehydrated skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. It exfoliates, controls sebum and boosts collagen production to leave skin clean, refreshed, brighter and plumper.


Through the combined use of these six technologies the skin synergy platform is effectively able to treat all layers of skin and offer deep skin cleansing, exfoliation, long-lasting hydration, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, oxygen enrichment, and skin cell nutrition. 


In as little as 30 minutes, it delivers long term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. The Aqua Spectrum Pro offers instant, noticeable effects, that delivers real results without any downtime or irritation.



Aqua Spectra Pro treatment works to:

  • Improve uneven skin tone
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boost collagen production
  • Control sebum secretion
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation
  • Improve hydration and nourishment
  • Increases firmness and texture
  • Reduce enlarged pores and hyper-pigmentation.

The benefits:

  • Immediate visible results – visible skin refinement and improved skin tone can be reported after just one treatment.
  • Effective for every skin type – normal, sensitive, dry and oily skin.
  • Addresses specific skin concerns – a personalized treatment that can be tailored and boosted to address specific issues.
  • No downtime – resume back to your normal activities and even apply makeup right after your treatment.
  • No discomfort – the aqua facial is gentle on your skin. You should not experience any pain or unpleasant reactions during or after your treatment.
  • It's fast – the whole process can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.

You will get your Aqua Spectra with 5 Free solutions for facials.


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